First Half of the Pre Mid Evaluations Coding Period


I know I know I should have come up with a better heading. Anyways, let’s begin.

So, here it is. Oooooh, the serious part. The coding period. Again, I dunno what to do.

Really 😦

Unidown had issues ( lots to be fair ) which was not allowing ( honestly, I couldn’t find a better word ) me to work on the first part of my project.


Meanwhile SunPy had started work on their new SunPy Example Gallery which basically contains examples for people to see what SunPy’s different modules can do.

So me and Cadair had a meet and it was decided that I should make examples for the Database Module of SunPy. This had to be short but yet should give a good idea to the people on what the Database Module is capable of. If used on a regular basis, it will allow users to :

  • manage files easily
  • use common storage so that a group of people can share the same data
  • save time and bandwidth as there is no need to download the same data twice

It did take some time to prepare and organize what’ll go where as I had to travel during this time, but I did complete it ( after Sphinx nightmares ). 😀

You can take a look at it here : Quick Examples for the database package

Aaaand again a meeting with Cadair. This time unidown was in a much (much) better state and we decided that I should start implementing the First Part of my proposal and we’ll tackle any issues as they come. And so work on adding Fido search results to the database began….


This work continues into the Second Half of the Pre Mid Evaluation Coding Period.

I know I know, that heading again. Jeez


One thought on “First Half of the Pre Mid Evaluations Coding Period

  1. Very very happy to see you blogging!! For some reason the last two posts were not coming up before.
    And even happier that you are back in business!!! 🙂

    I’m enjoying a lot your posts, so keep bringing them at this high standard!! and the so useful code!!


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