Second Half of the Pre Mid Evaluations Coding Period



I KNOW…………….

But I can’t think of a heading  😦

Possible Explanation :


Well, I got kicked out…..

From a SunPy dev meeting ( sorry to disappoint )

I was causing too much noise. Well, technically it was my laptop fan. But Cadair covered for me. Again.

So, getting to my work on a serious note ( don’t judge a blog by its pictures ),  work on Adding Fido entries to the Database continued from the previous fortnight.

Now there is a add_from_fido_search_result() function which enables users to add entries returned from any Fido search result to the database. Currently only JSOC results cannot be added to the database.

Aaaaand as usual, finding a small query for the test functions was frustrating. So I didn’t find one. Used a big one 😀

No, seriously it IS difficult to find a query with a small number of results.

Have a look at it here : Add Fido search results to the database

So now I head into the Mid Evaluations Period, officially behind schedule. Well, it’s complicated.

Now I await my fate………………



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