It’s already time?


Final Evaluation (Students) begins and I have done ZERO documentation  😎

13321725_1210674145618895_8435463368876576031_nSo, frantic work ensues, Cadair is disturbed multiple times while he is on vacation, and I manage to get (most of) my documentation done by 22nd.Finally I make my product submission, 1 day before the deadline 😀

Product Submission link : GSoC product submission

Now I await the final verdict…



Final Third of the Post Mid Evaluations Coding Period


So, the final stretch is on.

Now I start implementing the download functionality after fixing the path issue.

So, after trying for 4 hours, it works !!!

For one client. Out of eight. EIGHT.


It seems EVERY client has it’s own issues while adding its entries or reading its FITS headers.

So over the entire fortnight, I fix each client’s case, one by one.

Aaand I scramble to get it done just in time  :  [unidown] Download from fido search result implemented

Oh, and while I was doing that, I also managed to get this done  :  Now the database is displayed as an astropy table

The second PR makes displaying the database contents very easy and neat now  😀


Now, after the coding period ends, I head into the evaluation period. Having done ZERO documentation.