Second Half of the Second Third of the Coding Period


So the next fortnight ends. Lots of work done and progress made. I digressed from the proposal and completed (almost 😛) what was supposed to be done after the 2nd evaluation. I completed the website with all cronjobs and all clients working. Imaging and timeseries data both work, with timeseries having interactive plots, thanks to ehsteve.


After a lot of head-banging and PR reviewing, and responding to reviews, SRS Reader and VSO query block level caching are finally ready to be merged. I must admit, that Fido indexing PR is really useful for people. 😀

So officially, the only thing that remains is implementing a client for DISCOVR, and displaying its timeseries data on the website.



First Half of the Second Third of the Coding Period

There is always this guy at every SunPy meet 😛


Well, this has been a busy fortnight to be honest. I got caught up with other stuff, and hence I need to play catch up.

So I fixed the SRS (now my to-do list has all boxes checked 🙂 ).

Persistent storage in the webapp works on my PC. (Note that the previous line is poorly worded.)

Now I’m thinking of making slight changes to plans, and I plan to get the webapp done as quickly as possible, with DSCOVR implementation towards the end of GSoC.

Oh, and btw VSO query block level caching is finally getting merged.