Second Half of the Final Third of the Coding Period


Although I was busy in uni stuff in the last fornight, I managed to get some work done in Download from fido search result implemented.

The ultimate objective was to move Database.fetch over to using Fido. Oh, and to fix everything that broke, after a horrible rebase.

So now, that PR is under review, and should get merged soon.

Somebody (prolly me) will have to migrate the now website to the new theme pretty soon. Also I would get the Quick Examples for the database package PR merged as soonas I get time.


With this, the GSoC period officially draws to a close, and what has been (and will continue to be) a wonderful journey.



First Half of the Final Third of the Coding Period

Eh so slight change in plans.


DISCOVR implementation has been delayed, and I’ll do it in December. Which means 2 things :

  • I’m not gonna forget about it. It is officially in my December todo list.
  • I’m potentially gonna ruin people’s holidays. >:D

Hence during this period, I mostly worked on getting 2 of my PRs merged.

BTW SunPy released 0.8 during this time.

These are the not-so-small PRs which got merged :

So I now enter the final fortnight of GSoC, with a lot of documentation to do for the webapp, and the mighty Download from fido search result implemented PR awaits.